What is “36 BLOCKS OF FUJI”?

In this project, 36 Japanese artists ”co-create” a single NFT with the aim of "sharing a new Japanese culture of Reiwa with the world". (Reiwa is the name of the new imperial era and represents auspicious harmony.)

写真 2021-05-27 21 03 02.jpg

Using Katsushika Hokusai's famous work, Fugaku Sanju-Rokkei Kanagawa-oki Namiura (Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji), as a motif, the work is divided into 36 pieces (6x6) with 36 artists working on each part.

Each of the 36 artists will be in charge of a different part of the work and will add their own unique expression to the work. And then, the pieces will be beautifully combined in the end to create one large piece of cryptographic art that we are very proud of.

About "Season1"

How the 36 artists are selected

As 36 artists will collaborate to create a single NFT art piece, the artists will be chosen by NFT collectors who will vote for the final participants from among 84 artists who have been selected from the public.

You can check the artists who have entered from the link below.

Season2 Entry Artists List

The Project Process

  1. Release of the project
  2. Open call for artists
  3. Distribution of voting tokens “FUJI”
  4. Artist Election (From November 25th through December 1st, 2021 JST)
  5. Creation of the Collaboration NFT (From December 2nd through December 22th, 2021 JST)
  6. Release of the Collaboration NFT/Opening of the auction (From January 13th through 20th, 2022 JST)

Who gets to vote

A community token "FUJI" will be used as a voting right for 36FUJI. (FUJI is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum.)